Five Top Homeopathy Medicines For joint And Muscle Pain


These are the most frequently used homeopathic medicines for muscular and joint pains

  • Rhustox–  Can be used when the pain increases at rest,during sleep or when beginning to move but better with the motion.
  • Bryonia–  This is exactly opposite to the condition already described, means when pains increase with the least motion or exertion and are relived with the rest.
  • Arnica– When pains are the result of per long exertion or old injuries.
  • Lycopodium– When pains are gouty in nature , means with increased level of uric acid in blood. works better if the pains are in the right sided body parts.
  • Actea spicata– When pains attack mostly small joints like fingers and toes rather than big joint like knee or shoulder.
  •  These medicines are not for per longed use.
  • Consult your Homeopath if you do not get any relief within one weak.

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